Stay connected to who you are!

What does that mean?

It means to remember that at your center you are Love, abundance and joy. You have come here not to be needy and take, but to be full and give away to the world from that place of fullness.

When you remember who you are, the desire to chase, to grasp and to yearn stops. You remember that you are a child of The Uni-verse and were created to fulfill a very special purpose.

You remember that one of the great promises of Life is that you will be provided for as you walk along the path of your dreams. The fearful mind calms and the mind full of Faith emerges.

You remember that you are enough as you are and that nothing can prove otherwise, other than your own admission that you are less than who you really are.

When you remember who you really are, you surround yourself with loving people. You bask in the fellowship of Love and no longer accept or tolerate abuse and hate.

You pull back from judging others and instead keep your eyes on Love and purifying your own desires and intentions.

You line up your thoughts with Love and then the actions and the fruits of Love naturally follow. You let go of the need to control and let The Uni-verse fill in the gaps, because The Uni-verse is very intelligent and knows what you need even more than you do.

When you remember who you really are, you Love yourself and your Creator enough to take care of your body with healthy foods, exercise, yoga and breath. You Love your mind enough to not let it run the show, and instead make time for meditation to calm it down so your Love and Spirit shine through.

When you remember who you are, you embrace challenge and catastrophe with acceptance rather than disdain. You know that with the Light comes the Dark and that both are needed in the dance of Life.

When you remember who you are, you are attractive to those who believe what you believe. You don’t see rejection as bad, but rather as a sorting device keeping unhealthy matches away from you. You naturally and effortlessly find Love because you already embody It.

When you remember who you are, life ceases to become difficult and transforms into an adventure you can’t wait to take.

When you remember who you are, you live your life following your Heart so that when you get to the end, you say: “What a ride!” instead of wondering, “What if I had…?”

Remember who you are today and all this & more will be yours.

inner soul


Unrequited love that truly exists is towards ourselves

I had a thought yesterday; it was: “The only unrequited love that truly exists is towards ourselves.”

It seems, so much in our lives, we can experience this sense of love unreturned to us by those we want it from.

You’re a lover; I’m a lover; we’re all lovers here in this universe. Deep down all we want is to love and be loved in return. That’s the true pulse of the human condition.

Regarding romantic love specifically, I find it funny (and at times SUPER GNARLY PAINFUL) the dance we all dance. It’s like Girl A likes Boy B, but Boy A likes Girl A, and Girl B likes Boy A. I know, that confused me, too. I just think it’s funny how many times we desire the one that doesn’t want us, or that isn’t the best one for us. And yet, at the same time, we have little to no interest in people who desire us. This obviously isn’t how it always is, but when I’m in Los Angeles, I find this trend running rampant.

It’s really easy to get bummed when someone you really like in that way doesn’t like you back in that way. You know what I’m talking about – you desire them and they think of you only as a friend. Yeah – the friend zone. It happens to the best of us, guys and girls. And, not only that, we are also perpetrators of putting people who like us in the friend zone. It’s a two-way street.

As we dance, the key is to remember who you are. Unrequited love from someone can be a bummer for sure, but I don’t think that actually exists. Why? It’s not because I have never been the recipient of unrequited love; quite the contrary – it’s familiar territory (being on both sides, actually).

When we forget to Love Ourselves, when we forget The Uni-verse is on our side and wants us to thrive, when we forget that we are co-creators of our lives with The Uni-verse, then it’s easy to feel unrequited love and have it really affect you. But, I believe that the unrequited love we are feeling isn’t from the other person who we desire – it’s actually from ourselves.

When we love ourselves, we remember that rejection is protection. When we love ourselves, we are careful with whom we give our hearts to. When we love ourselves, we see every event of our lives as lessons and know that there are no shortages in The Uni-verse. We know that if it doesn’t work out with that someone you had your eye on, or that job you really wanted, something greater is on the way.

When we love ourselves and are filled with this love, it’s nearly impossible to feel unrequited love from someone else. It’s only when we have given that person power over our lives and control over our emotional well-being that we can feel unrequited love from them. Feeling unrequited love from someone is a symptom of low self-esteem and a misalignment with your power.

So, if you’re feeling this way, take your power back today. Put your trust in the things that The Uni-verse has in store for you. Let go a little and see what’s next. There is no shortage in The Uni-verse. There is someone perfect for you out there and they will find you as you become more and more of your authentic self.

When you are feeling the low vibrations of unrequited love, don’t go chasing after it from other people. STOP, check in within yourself and be still. If you seek out the path of trying to fill yourself up from other people or substances, you will only make it worse. Take care of yourself. Do you! Stay in your power and do things that nurture your heart and soul.

This is what I mean when I say, “The only unrequited love that truly exists is towards ourselves.” When we love ourselves, we are not seeking others to fill us and we are free to detach and welcome in the perfect person in the perfect time. And in the meantime, we fill ourselves up so that we have the serenity and joy – so we can step into savoring the waiting, instead of dreading it.

Feeling unrequited love today?

Take your power back, love yourself and watch it go away.

Keep An Open Mind

Keeping an open mind is one of the true keys to happiness and success.

One of My teacher, once told me that “everyone is a beginner to their next step”…

This was so profound to me. It reminds me of the great school of thought, which tells us that the path to enlightenment begins with the beginners mind. Or the Theological wisdom, which reminds us that if we wish to enter the Kingdom of Heaven we must think like a child.

When you are new, like a baby, you are flexible and open. Being stiff is a sign of old age and death.

This has nothing to do with age. Flexibility and openness are a choice. You can be stiff in a young body or flexible in an old body.

But, if we are to engage life and learn, grow, give, share and rip away the layers and beliefs that hold us back from being simply ourselves, newness is the key.

How do you be new? If you ever hear the voice that says, “I know this already” – you are being stiff (aka dead). If you ever hear the voice that says, “All men or women are (fill in the blank)” you are being stiff (aka dead). If you hear the voice that says, “I’ll never be, do or have (fill in the blank) – you are being dead. This list goes on and on.

The goal is to renew our mind through prayer, meditation, yoga, community and purpose, so that each and every moment, we are open and available to life and The Uni-verse being new.

In this state of openness and receptivity, we actually allow ourselves to be reborn. We are reborn out of the death of the thoughts that held us back. We are reborn to be able to be in a new, healthier body, job, relationship, career or business.
In my opinion, one of the greatest spiritual commandments is, “Behold, I make all things new.”

We are starting to see that the nature of reality is far different than we could ever imagine. At the smallest level, particles are appearing and disappearing so fast, we can’t notice them. But literally in every moment, we are brand new beings. The world is brand new – disappearing and reappearing.

But – what remains stiff, inflexible and dead are the beliefs and patterns that prevent us from feeling or experiencing this newness.

Over the last year or so, I have been so blown away with how my life has become brand new. The Love that this Life as a teacher and I share is so profound, the continued expansion of my thoughts through self learning, the new places I am traveling, the book that I am finishing and all the new friends and people I am meeting – being able to meet the people that inspired me – all this is brand new from the place of deep addiction and depression I found myself in only a few short years ago.

My life changed because my mind changed. Because I believed it was possible, even though I didn’t know HOW it was possible.

Our job is not to know how. Our job is to be open, receptive and focus on why. Why must I change?

Because if I don’t, I will miss out on beauty, love, success, excitement, family, friends, success, connecting to The Divine, being of service and truly being able to give my gift.

I didn’t feel that it was possible, but I did my best to believe it was possible and, no matter how much my heart ached, to know that it could be reborn brand new. Perhaps not all at once, but perhaps slowly over time. I wanted to find out if it was possible or not.

Today, I know that it’s possible. My life has become the vision that seemed SO impossible.

It starts by a change of mind. It starts with the belief, “I know it doesn’t seem possible, but if it did, what would I think?”


Send LOVE !!!!

Instead of trying to change someone to be the way you want him or her to be,

Here’s a new idea: send them love.

Love them, just as they are with no changes and just send them love; see them happy, healthy and living a vibrant life.

We step out of love and into fear when we try to make people conform to our ideal of what we think they should be.

This is out of alignment for two reasons:

1. We are not unconditionally loving someone when we expect him or her to be any other way than they are.

2. We are not unconditionally loving ourselves if we are consciously choosing to be in a relationship with someone who isn’t meeting our needs.

It is faaaaar easier to choose someone who you are compatible with from the beginning than to choose to be in relationship with someone who’s potential you see, but who you want to change.

When we choose to only love someone when they meet our expectations, we are letting our ego run the show. We have no idea what The Uni-verse is calling this person to do or become.

If we simply put them in the box of our expectations, we are limiting their growth and closing down intimacy in our relationship with this person. A person doesn’t feel loved if they are constantly being judged and weighed and measured.

We are not here to judge and value the people in our lives, we are here to be a loving mirror, to show up and to support them in their growth and journey. A person feels loved when they are seen and understood for who they are RIGHT NOW. Sure, we all have growth points, but that’s not the point.

The point is, when we talk about creating rich, fulfilling and loving relationships, when expectations and judgments creep in, we have gone down the path of the ego.

Let us release our expectations of others and let us release the expectations on ourselves. Let us love ourselves and the people in our lives right where we are.

We are growing daily; let us love the process instead of trying to only love a specific outcome that may or may not be in for our greatest good.

And, let us choose to be in relationships with people we are compatible with from the beginning, instead of trying to change people to be compatible with us.