What has happened to all of us? Have we all just stopped Thinking ? Have our brains popped out? Or have we de-evolutionised?

My Point being, that more than 90% of us on this planetĀ  just ignore facts or blindly follow what is shown to us. Today we are told that someone is a culprit , and we believe, without even asking for facts, we believe when we are told some is dead, or someone is a terrorist.

We wage wars between nations just because we have some benifit and show the world that the nation is a culprit.

Well you can call that Dirty Business, on a very large scale, but CAN”T THEY SEE THE BIG PICTURE… THEY ARE KILLING HUMANITY.. !! MOREOVER, THEY ARE KILLING PERCEPTION..

I am no big fan of conspiracy theories, but all I am saying is that every nation should just mind their own Damn business and let the rest do what they want to do..

War is never a solution , but it is a human traight to show power so there is no solution to that either.

One cannot ask for peace, just a bit of a moral ground where a line is made between Power & Values.

This is altogether a new debate, but I will discuss about this further in my upcoming posts.


Misconceptions – the viral effect of our minds

We often make judgements about people very quickly, sometimes just on the first glance in milliseconds, or the first meet, this is due to our previous encounters with people who looked or behaved the same way, or at times just because we have heard or seen something about a particular person and respond to that.

Sometimes even after staying with a person for 20 years you still have misconception that were developed long ago and you end up living with that, people don’t agree that people evolve mentally over time.

Our brain cheats us in many ways by letting our subconscious take over and making us follow it.

We need to reason, and understand each moment and each person with openness and precisely evaluating them over time , as everybody is imperfect and that’s what leads to perfection eventually.

Misconceptions should be avoided as much as possible, and one needs to be as clear in their thoughts as possible about himself, others and the world, to have a balanced mental life.

– Mustafa Mun