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Are we really Living?

Seconds, Minutes, hours, Days, Years, pass by , You’re born , admitted into a school , a religious school too perhaps if your family insists, bombarded with thoughtless thoughts into your head, to make you think the way they think.

Soon you graduate, go to college, then a university, find a job after you graduate, work hard enough to get promoted, get married, have children, Start saving for their education, send them to a school, retire, now you think about living , when most of your life is over……

I Was having a conversation an hour ago with a friend who asked me ” are we really living? ” and I could not answer even though I knew the answer , that “we’re not” , basically we all are tied up in a system , where from the time you open up your eyes , you are made to think the way the society thinks, the rest is all a sin or forbidden.

Poems, Movies, Songs, Acts, have been on display for centuries trying to portray the frustration of living in a world filled with beliefs, superstition, faith,rituals, ceremonies, law & order, taxes & competition, etc, which just makes you hypnotized.

Everyone of us is like a mini program , or like a software being executed, where we calculate our status bar of life and try to push it near the end of each stage attaining the virtual ultimatum.We have started behaving like robots, and those of us who try and think a bit different , are looked at like viruses in the society , who are either quarantined or eradicated or embedded in such forms into the society where the societal parasite just lures onto one’s life making him/her a victim of a torturous life which he cannot escape.

Assuming that death is the only finite explanation of escape from this whole system , just like uninstalling a software from a system.

One may argue by saying that every human does have a so called “Free-Will” but can one live with it ? Is an ongoing debate. One just cannot live without a bank, insurance, etc etc.. and then is soon tied up .

Well there is no finite explanation to this , but I would like to end this topic, with a quote by Kurt Cobain – “We’re so trendy we can’t even escape ourselves.” , I hope this explains a lot for what I tried expressing.At the end of the day, we end up talking & discussing for hours and years about stuff , but very few take a stand, let us all be different for a while. Let’s Live!