Now, an app that pays you for exercise

Now, an app that pays you for exercise

Young gymnasts stretch themselves on wooden bars during an exercise session at the gymnastics hall of a sports school in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province. Photo: Reuters

Will you miss your workout if you had to pay for it? If money motivates you more than fitness, an app is here to either reward or punish you.

Pact is an app which uses money to track your fitness goals.

When you set up Pact, you give your credit card or Pay Pal information.

You also have to set your fitness goals like a pledge to workout a certain number of times in a week or eat healthy and Pact makes it specific.

Now enter a set distance you have to run. You must also decide the penalty you are willing to pay if you miss the workout.

The minimum penalty is $5 (Rs.300). The app tracks you when you check into a known gym and monitors how long you stay.

You can also wear a fitness band or use your phone’s GPS to log miles. Reward money comes from people who failed to honour their pact, media reports said.


Do we all keep seeking Spice in our lives ?

Just switch on your television set, and scroll down to any news channel on the planet, it will for at least 15 minutes offer you one piece of BREAKING NEWS.

Often , most of this news is repetative, and makes no point, but most of us want that Spice. We want to learn about a new WAR, about new Tragedies, Murder, Gossip, & much more.


I just log on to the internet and get the highlights of the daily news, because watching the news on television is like watching a set of hypnotists trying to brainwash you about a certain product, or a community or a whole country.

Still there are numerous news channels born each day , challenging to offer the most updated news, and the fastest news, well I am sure most of it is just made up news to sell the SPICE!

What are your comments and opinions about this ?

– Mustafa Mun