There is Beauty & Grace in Every Loss

I believe that we have many different soul mates in each lifetime. And a soul mate doesn’t have to be just a lover.

Friends, family, pets – all these can be soul mates.

And specifically when it comes to romance, I also believe we have many different soul mates and each person’s path is utterly unique. I can’t even begin to imagine what you have been born to learn, create and give to this world – that is between you and The Uni-verse. What I can say with 100% certainty is that the energy of Love never changes, though many times the face of Love does.

When we get hurt, it doesn’t matter what the hurt is or where it comes from; it’s natural to want to close off to shut down and to think that there is no way that the future could be better than the past. And if we don’t have a vision for a compelling future, then we start to slowly die. If you’ve lost someone that you love, just because you can’t see the horizon right now, doesn’t mean there isn’t a magical moment that is there for you, beginning with right now.

The story that we don’t think there will ever be anyone better is a very convenient story I see many people use as an excuse to shut down and not risk loving and, most importantly, hurting again. But we have to be open to let Love in, which means we also let in the pain. They go together. Being open to Love means we risk being open to pain. But the seeker on the Path doesn’t shut down knowing this – no, they open up and become even stronger! We are being called not to give up on Love, but give in to Love and become stronger by doing so.

If you’ve lost someone close to you, where is the gift in his or her death? What is he/she teaching you even now? And what new story would you like to tell to be open to love again? This is our Path and it’s beautiful, even with the pain. The pain helps us grow and it pushes us towards letting go and seeing even this moment as perfect. Below the anger, the sadness and the hurt – there is a quivering silent knowing that all is as it should be.

I have lost people close to me ; I’ve had friends abandon me and businesses fail.

But those moments do not define me. What defines me is what I do about those moments and choose to live my life in a way that honors those that have moved on. Know that rejection is redirection and see failures as the ultimate learning experiences. A moment of tragedy can happen and does happen to us, but the real tragedy isn’t what happened – the real tragedy is getting stuck in what happened and choosing to give up on life. Life, my friends, is for the living – we are here to shine, to give our gifts and to be the presence of Love on the planet.

No pain is greater than the Love that is within us – and when we tap into that, we will forever be connected to those that mean the most to us, whether they are with us or not.