Despite the fact that I spent my childhood in Rameswaram – Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam



“Despite the fact that I spent my childhood in Rameswaram, an isolated island in the south of India, I could get educated, find a job and overcome many obstacles to become the President of my country. If I could overcome all the hardships and achieve what I have, so can you or anyone else. It does not matter where you start from or what you have achieved till date, the important thing is that from this point onwards, you decide what you want and work towards creating your own future. This is the message I want to convey through this book and if it can inspire even one young person to achieve his or her dream, I will feel that my effort has been truly worth it.

In the last fifteen years I have interacted with more than 16 million youth, in face-to face meetings, through emails and over Facebook, and wherever I go I am asked questions. Everyday I receive about 300 emails and spend two hours reading and answering them. This book is based on the questions that I have been asked over the years. In their questions, people are mostly seeking solutions to problems that they are facing in their lives. Answering these questions, I realized that what we call problems may probably be a result of the way we ‘process’ events and situations in our lives and everything that happens in our world. ‘Process’ means the way we perceive and think about them. If we could change the way we ‘process’, then we could possibly change the way we think about our problems and hence also about their solutions. I believe it is possible to do so and that is the underlying theme in my answers.

My answers are based on what I have learnt from my own experiences of life, and from reading books and my interactions with political and spiritual leaders. The replies in my book are presented in a way that they provide a generic message for any one who may be undergoing a similar problem in his or her life.

Your life should be a manifestation of your dreams. That is why I always call upon the youth to dream lofty dreams and invoke in them a vision of their future. And in achieving your dreams, you are bound to face difficulties and obstacles, but with determination and discipline you can always overcome them, just as I have been able to do.” -From the Introduction of the book

It is remarkable that how, APJ Abdul Kalam, the 11th president of India continues to be such a popular public figure even seven years after demitting office. Much sought, much admired, he is an inspiration for the Indian youth and they turn to him for advice, guidance, inspiration, or simply just seeking to be in touch with him. The mentoring, the solutions, the direction, the philosophy he provides are based on the wisdom of his own experiences, as he knows well the trials and tribulations of the hard rocky road of life that he has walked from Rameswaram to the Rashtrapati Bhawan. This book is like a roadmap for life which one can to turn to when needed, and come away reassured that there is always a way out of any situation and that we will be able reach our dream destination. Inspiring and intimate, it provides an insight into the mind and heart of one of the most remarkable leaders of contemporary India. A leader, who at the age of 84 continues to inspire young Indians towards living the life of their dreams.


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Fear is a toxic and very fast spreading virus of the mind. As you get deeper and deeper on The Path, you will become more sensitive to other people and their state of being.

Your job is to stay aware of your being and notice when you have taken on the thoughts and emotions of others.

Have you ever noticed that you could be having a perfectly fine day and then you spend time with someone whom you love and care for, who may be in a negative and fearful place, and after you’re done hanging out with them, YOU feel negative and fearful?

That’s what I call catching the fear bug. You have let the energy and thoughts of another become your own. And doesn’t it almost feel unfair, because they didn’t even ask? They just seemed to dump all over you.

But you see, as you become more aware, as you step into your own power, this will not change the negativity of the world or of others. In fact, you will become vastly more aware of other people’s fear and negativity. But do not fret.

Your job is to become strong enough to see and experience the fear and negativity of others and, instead of resisting it and calling it “evil” or “dark”, to understand it is simply a deep yearning for love. When you understand and know that another’s fearful and negative state of being is nothing more than a call for love, you no longer have to assume their fear or let it affect you. You can simply understand what they are really looking for and send Love instead of fear back to them.

When we understand that the fear and negativity in others is a call for Love, we inoculate ourselves against the fear bug. We have an anti-fear-otic that, through our awareness, transforms fear into Love within us. This way, we can purge our bodies of the fear of others and actually respond from a place that not only helps to elevate and heal them, but also elevates and heals us in the process.

So inoculate yourself from fear today by understanding the negativity and fear of others is simply a call for Love and decide that you are going to be the person to answer that call today.

Surrendering to Fears will lead to your true living

We are funny creatures sometimes; we’re afraid to live and afraid to die.

So many times we find ourselves stuck in the middle with no way out. If we decide to live and follow our intuition, we get so wrapped up in what “COULD” happen and all the fears associated with taking risks, we become afraid.

On some subconscious level we think that by living we will “die”.

In our fear-based thoughts, risk equals death. At the root of not moving forward, a lot of people admit, that they think they will just spontaneously combust if they take too many risks – like The Uni-verse will destroy them if they take too many risks.

So in this way it is the fear of death that prevents us from living. And when we stop living we invite a certain kind of death into our experience.

Being afraid to live and afraid to die is a wonderful trick: fear-based ego thinking keeps us in our comfort zone.

There is an evolutionary reason for this. Fear helps us survive.

But today we are about more than just surviving – we are about thriving.

Thriving means more than just existing. It means living at our own unique Highest Potential, which requires us to take a step outside of our comfort zone daily.

We are grateful for fear, but allow ourselves to make a choice from a higher place, from a place of trust. The ironic thing is that once we die to our fears, we can live.

So living does require that we die, that we die to our fears, our doubts and our old ways of thinking. We must let our fears die and be reborn of the spirit. We must take that first scary step out with trust that we will either know how to fly or that we will be caught.

The irony is that by playing it safe we are actually slowly dying day by day, and by risking death, we are actually taking a step towards life.

I live my life everyday conscious of the question, “When you get to the end of your life, will you die wondering ‘what if?’” If the answer is yes, then I always do the thing I’m afraid of doing. I am also conscious of the fact that I may be blessed to live to be 100 or more, but I may also not make it through the day. So I also try my best to live in a way that doesn’t delay the things I want to do. If there is a risk to take, I want to take it now. I don’t take blind risks. I take calculated risks, I think things through, but at the end of the day the risks I still take are scary as hell. This is a positive affirmation that we all must say to ourselves.

Let us step into the knowing that is it by dying to our fears that we live. Let us take action on this and realise the only way to die to our fears is to face them. Let us face them with the solid faith that The Uni-verse has got our back.

It’s kind of fun to live life not knowing what’s going to happen next. What fears can you die to today?

The truth is that we all need to “Surrender to our fears if we truly want to live!”

– Mustafah Mun