last day with oktay in london… the legendary frenchie :)

Finally the day arrived, our departure, ….. yeah it was expected to come but, days flew so fast, never thought would be saying bye to frenchie,(my french fries)…we all had become so close buddies in this few days, without oktay my second session would be bullshit, it was with him I shared my best times roaming around going places and getting wild (yeah !!!)Β  ..

The best time was when in session 2 juliette was here for a few days , we had an amazing time then too roaming shopping and stuff, after which flo came ( a friend of frenchie) and we had a blast then too.. Yeah the most hillarious night was when flo wante dto go with some hot chics to Movida but when we were in que frienchie’s so called frech friends moved in with the girls in the club not even caring a damn about frenchie wich pissed him off and we heaed off to ministry of sound. (yeah that sms was cool you sent to that ***khead, itw as worth that cent)

Well after flo left both me and frenchie felt quite alone (yeah flo we missd you man) and had a hard time figuring what to do, but we watched movies , ate food, tried new things and yeah became wild… πŸ™‚

These three weeks will be cherished for life, not just because I came to the summer school and had an amazing time with folks , but it was those special people I met who made life exciting in london for me during these weeks. Had not been them things would be really very different and blurry.

Time moves andΒ  we have to carry on in life, taking on good memories and keep them fresh forver in your heart. I will never forget times in MG270 classes and those beautiful moments at Shakespeare’s also the wonderful time at brighton, and at leicester square, I guess we did so much in these few weeks that I would have never imagined ever..

Thanks a ton folks for making it so special, could not have been more special without you.. Love you all πŸ™‚

Take care & God bless, Hope to see you all soon..


Mustafah Mun πŸ˜€