Impossible is Nothing – Sachin Tendulkar

It was way back , around in 2005 when i first saw this poster and it just gave me a boost what i required to perform better, much better in life !


impossible is nothing


Sometimes , anything can become a source of  inspiration !


Unchallenged Challenges

Often we come face to face with such challenges in our life, which we would have never Imagined in our wildest dreams to be true & would take place in our lives , but Life is an endless journey with routes changing at every new turn and I have come across various new astonishing turns in my life, which have been an eye opener to me rather than a depressing setback.

Since Past three months I have been fighting few problems in my life, specially in academics. Well when the problems came at first, I was assuming I would loose everything, but I didn’t.

Pain just made me more stronger. I do not feel the pain anymore, but I await to be free, mentally. One goes crazy , if that splinter of a dispute or issue keeps running through your veins and through your brain, making you realise you are responsible for something.

Every Cloud has a silver lining, and every thing in this world happens for a reason, and it is for the best. I assume it is for the best this time as well.

It is really easy to give up and say NO, very easy to say enough and I do not want to do anything anymore and just runaway to a normal life with family , but I do not want to retreat from the battle field, It would be an act of being a coward. I rather die on the field , than running away.

People have various perceptions and opinions about my state right now and I completely disagree with most of them, all I want to do is listen to my heart and carry on. The future holds a lot for you than what you expect, and it always leaves you gasping out in thin air in a state of awe.

I am not tired, nor afraid, I just wait here looking for the sun shine to hit me soon. I know that things will be good very soon.

Life is Beautiful.!

Music is my life

I would have been dead without music. Maybe something would have been there to replace that in nature , but nothing like music.It’s a gift to mankind.

During stress, happiness, pain , sorrow, anger, party or relaxation … etc .. etc.. whatever is the mood or the moment , Music fills the Gap.

Imagine a football match video without a song, No MTV , or Music Radio Stations …  😦 .. Pathetic it would be right!!

Even birds love to sing, the trees have their own way to create music. Humans adopted the culture of music creation back in Stone Age. This is nothing new!

I do not know why am I talking so much about music anyway, but I just want to share my love for music. Just can’t live without it.

If a day passes by where I do not listen to music one day, I feel as if that day was a bit incomplete.

While strolling in a mall , you listen to a song, and it just will spin round your head as to what it is …. well that happens with me quite often, and now since I have this new application “SHAZAM” , on my blackberry, I can just tag the song as it is being layed anywhere and I know its name and artist right away. Cool isn’t it!

Mp3’s , wav’s and mp4’s have been the new source of music share and an easy way to share music around. Well a lot of people have just a single preference to music. That’s great. Some of us believe that there should not be a single taste to music while the rest feel that you can like whatever you want. It is “music” at the end of the day.

You may like Rock, RnB, Hip-Hop,Pop,Jazz,Karaoke… but at the end of the day you relax yourself and mind by listening to that tune, you relate yourself with that track, that is an amazing feeling . Having a track which relates to every emotion or a special event in your life , can mean something!

I know a friend who was going to commit suicide but a song by Good Charlotte “Hold On” made him rethink. The link to see the video is below. It is a great song and can mean a lot to someone who is going through a lot of pain in their lives.

There is so much to music that one just can’t stop writing about it, nor can I but all I can say is that I am grateful that music exists in this world and there are so many kinds of beautiful Genres of music which makes it so unique. People express all kinds of feelings while they sing , some artists although not so famous have beautiful lyrics which makes them unique , while a few who have just talk , have a huge fan base. There is nothing wrong in having any kind of lyrics, it is music afterall and people have different level of perception about their taste of music , so its alright!

Well that’s it. I will keep posting about music often as I always do 🙂

Just Can’t Live without it!

My name is Khan

The other day I had been to the Cinema with my friends who insited me to watch a Bollywood Film “My Name is Khan” , the indian superstar Shahrukh Khan was the main character & protagonist throughout the film.

The film began with a start where Shahrukh is believed to be suspicious at an airport and he misses a flight , due to security professionals searching him for any suspicion. He is soon set free.

He suffers from a medical condition ” Synesthesia” by which he was a victim of lound sounds and bright colours like yellow and orange.

His brother departs for USA on turning 18 and gets married to a muslim woman in USA.  After Khan’s Mother passes away he too move sto USA withhis brother who gives him a small job in the company to sell their beauty products to customers. Khan succeeds in selling at one shop and gradually falls in Love with the woman who owns the beauty shop.

Khan gets married eventually with the woman and also accepts the son of the wife into their life happily. Soon after 9/11 the scenario changes. The whole movie is focussed in showing about Muslims and how the whole perception of Americans changed towards the muslims after the 9/11.

Khan looses his son in a school fight , the reason of his death was , bullying and fight due to racism, on knowing the fact about this his wife who was a Hindu gets aggrevated that she lost her son just because he had a muslim surname, and asks Khan to Leave from her life, and also tells him to go and tell the president that he is not a Terrorist.

Khan who is a humble child in the mind, gets on the mission and eventually lands up in various situations. At the end , he does meet the president and conveys the message that not all Muslims are terrorists.

What I adhere to this film is that , it is a great piece of bollywood film, but the main base line of the story is too old , and I guess Shahrukh Khan just made this film as he had faced difficulties in the USA and maybe due to other reasons, but generally overall this film was alright, I would have rather watched this on a dvd later than wasting my time in the cinema..

A Boring lecture

From the time we have a new lecturer for Mg270, it is becoming really boring for the whole class to concentrate, well it is not with the subject, but the way it is being represented by the lecturer, there is a way of communicating and engaging into a conversation with a group of students which she lacks , once the class looses track of the whole topic, it is really difficult bringing them back into the mood of studying, people start yawning, smiling at each other , a few sighing while others just sending sms or surfing the net.

I believe that if the interaction process changes in the class and becomes more informal with a more friendly vibration during the talks, people will feel more eager to speak up..

Lets hope things get better!