My name is Khan

The other day I had been to the Cinema with my friends who insited me to watch a Bollywood Film “My Name is Khan” , the indian superstar Shahrukh Khan was the main character & protagonist throughout the film.

The film began with a start where Shahrukh is believed to be suspicious at an airport and he misses a flight , due to security professionals searching him for any suspicion. He is soon set free.

He suffers from a medical condition ” Synesthesia” by which he was a victim of lound sounds and bright colours like yellow and orange.

His brother departs for USA on turning 18 and gets married to a muslim woman in USA.  After Khan’s Mother passes away he too move sto USA withhis brother who gives him a small job in the company to sell their beauty products to customers. Khan succeeds in selling at one shop and gradually falls in Love with the woman who owns the beauty shop.

Khan gets married eventually with the woman and also accepts the son of the wife into their life happily. Soon after 9/11 the scenario changes. The whole movie is focussed in showing about Muslims and how the whole perception of Americans changed towards the muslims after the 9/11.

Khan looses his son in a school fight , the reason of his death was , bullying and fight due to racism, on knowing the fact about this his wife who was a Hindu gets aggrevated that she lost her son just because he had a muslim surname, and asks Khan to Leave from her life, and also tells him to go and tell the president that he is not a Terrorist.

Khan who is a humble child in the mind, gets on the mission and eventually lands up in various situations. At the end , he does meet the president and conveys the message that not all Muslims are terrorists.

What I adhere to this film is that , it is a great piece of bollywood film, but the main base line of the story is too old , and I guess Shahrukh Khan just made this film as he had faced difficulties in the USA and maybe due to other reasons, but generally overall this film was alright, I would have rather watched this on a dvd later than wasting my time in the cinema..