Being Loving is a completely different thing

Many folks think that being Loving and being a pushover are the same thing.

But they aren’t. Being Loving doesn’t mean that you just let people walk all over you and be “nice” all the time – far from it. Being Loving means having boundaries, standing up for what you believe in and not letting people walk all over you.

There is a fine line between standing up for yourself and being a jerk. And it takes some time and some mistakes to understand the difference.

Being a Loving person doesn’t mean you are a wet noodle. It doesn’t mean you acquiesce to the demands of others. Love has many faces. Some of them are kindness, beauty, compassion and patience and sometimes the face of Love is bold, firm and brave. Every moment is different, but if you ask the question, “What would Love do now?” you’ll get the answer.

There are times when Love takes to the streets in protest. There are times when Love says, “this far and no further.” There are times when Love says, “I’m not going to let you treat me this way anymore.” And there are times when Love says, “Enough is enough!”

Many times we think that to be Loving means that we have to let other people walk all over us. And that’s just not true. I used to think that being Loving meant that I could never rock the boat. But I’ve come to understand that sometimes we HAVE to rock the boat in order to fulfill our purpose of being the Presence of Love on the planet.

Being Loving does not mean you are weak – au contraire! Being Loving means that you are STRONG! Strong in your conviction, strong in your compassion, strong in your vulnerability and strong in your forgiveness.

This is also not a hall pass to be a jerk! It’s actually a call to be strong – to stand up for what you believe in and to know that you are worthy of having the life that your heart desires. This is not at the expense of being mean to others, no, but it also is not at the expense of tolerating injustice and foul play.

We were sent to be the Presence of Love on the planet, with an open heart, with high standards and with infinite compassion. There is a balance between the stern and the soft, but know that far more than a wishbone, we simply just need a backbone!


The Right Person Will Love you for Who You Are

The right person will Love you for who you are, as you are. No change needed. No extra parts wanted. Nothing to be taken away, they will just Love you for you.

Can we have the courage to let this kind of love in? Do we feel as if we are worth it? Many have written in saying – NO – to this statement. We don’t have the courage to let someone love us this way because we do not have the courage to love ourselves this way.

So today, I would like to invite us to practice radical self-love. Love your love handles, love your tallness, love your shortness, love your flaws, love your imperfections, love your quirks, love your grey hair, love your no hair, love your pimples, love your creases, love your everything.

It may not seem realistic to you, but this is the way you are Loved by The Uni-verse, too.

You are worthy of this kind of love, from yourself and from others.

It’s scary to let ourselves be loved this way because we have to let go of the limiting beliefs that have been holding us back. We have to step into a new awareness of ourselves and face the pain of growth.

It’s worth it.

Radically loving ourselves means accepting only the best and leaving behind the rest. Not because we are selfish or judgmental, but because we have become discerning enough to know what and who is good for us and what and who isn’t.

So, if you were going to radically love yourself today, who would you let go of, who would you invite in, what would you start saying to yourself and what would you start saying to others?

We all are worth more thank what we think of ourselves to be.