What is life about ?

What is living?

Is it to live depending on circumstances, in comfort, fulfilling urges and desires, or is it to act in full freedom, with discernment and intelligence in order to reach serenity and happiness?

Life has the value that we give it in relation to what we are.

For a stone, life is to resist.

For a plant, life is for growing.

For an animal, life is for feeling and fulfilling one’s pleasure.

The human being has within himself mineral, plant and animal elements.

What differentiates the human being from these elements is the ability to ask himself questions.

“What use does life have?” For Pierre Hadot, a philosopher specialized in Antiquity, philosophy is not a theoretical system but an experience which is lived, and it is a confrontation to reality, to one’s ideas, dreams and decisions and a questioning of oneself without, which there is no life.

Life is a movement

What is living? Is it to live in a state of inertia seeking the easy life, or is it to live while fulfilling oneself with determination, decision, responsibility and intelligence?

To live is a movement. Things are alive because there is movement. But if this movement becomes inert, mechanistic, artificial, repetitive, dependent, resistant and routine, then life fades and dies. To move from comfort, laziness, living day to day, and from the instinct of preservation which protects us, we need to take risks, to give a purpose to our movements.

The more ambitious our goals and dreams are, the more we are capable of putting ourselves in motion.

To live in autonomy

Life is characterized by autonomy. It is capable of repairing itself, and healing its wounds. An inanimate object cannot do that without human intervention.

Life reproduces itself. We can program ourselves to direct our existence towards something else. We can reproduce ourselves biologically or through ideas and sentiments.

Life self-regulates and balances itself. This is the basis of ecology.

If our body was not able to regulate itself, it would constantly be ill. Life is to be in movement and to understand the laws of movement. Some encounter these laws through simply being impacted by the movement. They run after life but do not live. They live unconsciously and are moved by instincts and urges. Others question themselves: ‘Where am I going, who am I? What use does life have?’ They seek a goal, a meaning. They marvel before life, the universe and all that inspires them and enables them to learn with intelligence.

The Expression of consciousness

Movement is found in the words ‘to express’, that is, to realize the potential we have within. But what are we expressing? This is where the notion of consciousness comes in. We can express that which is good within, our need for social recognition, our desire for self realization; our quest for Good, the Truth and Beauty, and we can also express the false, superficial and apathetic side of ourselves. In other words, we can express living or appearing to live.

Socrates introduced to the Western world, the concept of conscience.

He said: ‘I have within me a little voice, a daemon, (not a demon but a genie/angel, a conscience) which sometimes tells me what I shouldn’t do but not what I should do.’ There is a conscience within each one of us, and sometimes this conscience makes us suffer and is suppressed in the subconscious where it continues to act on the body or the feelings.

The expression of a destiny

Expression implies ‘to accept to be confronted by others, and to experiment in order to improve that which we think we are, or are becoming’. To live is to express that which is positive, creative, harmonious, simple but beautiful and good. It is not to express oneself guided by urge or desire, or in other words to let off steam and engender violence for oneself and others. To express a destiny is not to express the future through fortune telling. From a philosophical viewpoint, the classical authors of antiquity explain that in ancient Theatre, the Greek tragedy presents the story of a character that has a choice between living a tranquil peaceful life, and accomplishing an exploit which will transcend him, transform him, sometimes at the cost of his life (the Hero).

We all have a destiny in potential. This destiny will express itself in our choosing to not act like everyone else, to take ownership for our own life, to be what we want to be and not to become what others expect of us. Life is to confront the unknown, to accept the mystery, to live with it.

The power of life and freedom

As Hegel said, ‘true consciousness is not a theoretical faculty but a power of living and freedom’. To live is to express a power over oneself which leads us towards freedom. For a human being to become free, he should not be conditioned by circumstances or by his passions. He must decide and act with intelligence.

One can live as an animal, a stone or a tree. To live as a human being, one needs to have spirit. From a philosophical viewpoint, spirit is that capacity we have to understand the world and to free ourselves from it. This capability may be associated with intelligence (intellegere in Latin: to be able to enter). The spirit enables the human being to understand what is real, and to take action while becoming independent of circumstances and not being overwhelmed by them.

One keeps a clear spirit in spite of situations. Spirituality is a struggle in order to maintain intelligence, discernment and the possibility to see things in their unity and not in their various parts. Reason enables us to divide things; intelligence enables us to reunite them.

To live intelligently is not only to live “reasonably”. The ultimate goal of life is happiness. Not an immediate, ephemeral, happiness satisfied by urge, but what Socrates calls eudemonia; an inner state of serenity, wisdom and calm, a state of being without attachment, and with discernment.

To live life is an opportunity to be happy.



“If you look around, everything is a thought form.”

Your Willpower is Stronger than Reality

As I sit and write this blog looking out at the trees from my window, I can see that each beautiful tree was planted because of a thought.

The shape of the garden was a thought.

The water conduit was a thought, and the Hindu Temple in the middle of the road was a thought.

Then I started thinking about my own life.

The shape of my body is a result of thoughts.

My haircut was a thought. The Apple laptop I type on was a thought and it was a thought that decided to buy it.

Even typing this blog, each and every word – is a thought.

Today, as I look out into the world, I don’t just see the world, I see collective thought forms and decisions.

The colour of a soda can. The price of gas. My breakfast.

So many thoughts went into the creation of each of these things.

I’ll be honest, I know this all sounds pretty “woo woo” – but for the last day I feel like I’ve been walking around in the Matrix.

The consequences of this to me are staggering.

If the world is just a bunch of collective thought forms of others, that means that your thought forms can affect the world too.

I’ve come to believe that the power of your will is stronger than reality. Reality is malleable substance that can change over time. And as you gain more and more power, the outside world can change faster and faster.

I think one of the true tragedies of the human experience is when someone believes that their circumstance is their identity.

That is to say that the way life is now is how it’s always going to be and that who you are can never change.

But, to be honest – nothing is further from the truth. Your life can change no matter what’s happened up until now.

The past doesn’t have to be your future unless you focus on the past and keep acting the same way.

The journey is to take one small step, change one thought at a time – bring your thoughts and your actions round to the world you WISH to create.

Don’t focus just on how things are – focus on how you want them to be and then get about making life the way you want it to be.

Your life today is the sum of all the choices you’ve made up until now – what your life will be is determined by the choices you make from this moment forward.


From my mind to yours, here are ten thoughts to contemplate.

If today was my last day alive, I’d tell my loved ones goodbye and then spend the rest of the day relaxing.

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Life is only a roller coaster when you choose not to get off.

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Time doesn’t stop and wait for us while we assess the situation of life. If we do too much planning, there will be no time left for implementation!

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When you don’t have anything to say, don’t.

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Know your edges, for it is there you will attempt the impossible.

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Being original today is a challenge because there are a million ways to see what everybody else is doing. Stop. Focus. Be you.

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When you love someone, don’t forget it.

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If you care, communicate.

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Earth is the backpack of humanity; let’s not stuff it with unnecessary, unsustainable junk.

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You don’t need to tell people why they should be interested; let your actions and your work give people the reason.

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What’s this all about? I contemplate things constantly and I occasionally write down thoughts that I feel are worth noting. I used this blog post to share those thoughts with you and I invite you to do the same. You can find more of my thoughts in the Infinity Blog.

Are We lab-rats?


Are you a dreamer? Do you frequently find yourself gazing off into the distance getting lost in a world of “What If”?

Back to work. You can’t daydream forever.

But what if you could? What if you had the freedom to daydream when you felt like daydreaming? To work when you felt like working?

Humans aren’t supposed to spend their days in office buildings. We’re not supposed to spend large amounts of time moving ourselves from one place to another in giant hunks of metal while our bodies slowly deteriorate and our relationships slowly fade.

We’re not supposed to spend gargantuan amounts of time plopped down in front of electronic devices moving our fingers and eyelids, absorbing radiation, and spending more waking time in the virtual world than in the real one.

We not supposed to arrive at home and focus our attention on a box that has been pre-programmed to brainwash us while simultaneously allowing our bodies to atrophy.

We’re not supposed to spend most of our life communicating with our loved ones using a digital representation of their voices. “Raam to the Enterprise, I love you mom!”

Damn it Jim, we’re not digital lab rats! We’re humans!

We’re meant to be free!

We’re meant to move. To run. To breathe. We’re meant to interact. To communicate. To laugh. To smile. To learn.

We’re meant to live in the real world.

We’re meant to follow our desires; our passions; our dreams. We’re meant to coexist with nature and to nurture a sustainable, symbiotic relationship with it.

We’re meant to eat when we’re hungry and to sleep when we’re tired. We’re meant to have fun when we’re feeling playful and to daydream when we’re feeling dreamy.

We’re meant to work like humans, not like ants. We’re meant to be more than an address book entry, a Twitter username, or an Avatar on the screen. We’re meant to be creative. To explore. To think. We’re meant to dream. To have ideas. To create. To be unique.

We’re meant to be friendly. To give. To share. We’re meant to be kind. To help. To heal. We’re meant to care and to love.

We’re meant to feel the wind against our skin, smell the earth under our feet, and be inspired by the life and the natural beauty around us.

When was the last time you felt the earth under your bare feet? When did you last have fresh dirt underneath your nails?

Go! Experience the real world. Reconnect with your body. Develop a healthy relationship with Mother Nature. Listen. Breathe. See. Touch. Smell. Taste. Use your senses.

Walk barefoot. Use your legs, if you’re lucky enough to have them. Feel the individual muscles move. Use your voice. Move your eyes.

Embrace who you are. Find the courage to be yourself.

If you’re a talker, connect. If you’re a musician, create. If you’re a writer, share. If you’re an artist, do art. If you’re a builder, build. If you’re a healer, heal. If you’re a teacher, teach. If you’re an explorer, explore. If you’re a dreamer, dream.

You’re not who society tells you to be. You don’t have to be. You shouldn’t be! Break free of any self-imposed limitations and experience life to its fullest. Break new ground. Get out of the rut. Explore. Try something new.

If you find yourself daydreaming, then let yourself dream. If you find yourself in a position you don’t fully enjoy, or one that holds you back from experiencing life to its fullest, then make those tough decisions and change your life.

If you don’t wake up every single day and look forward to what’s ahead, then something isn’t right. You’re not living.

But you can change it!

You already have the freedom inside you. Living free is a conscious decision.

Make it!

But What If really are Lab-rats? What If there is someone controlling our every thought as we speak, as we type , as we move and so on.. What if there exists multiple dynamics of parallel universe? What if there are billions of Earths scattered in different time dimensions? What if in Earth A you are what you are and in Earth B you are someone you want to be , in Earth C you are an old man/woman and so on and so forth.

What if everything we know , is just another STORY! …???  Probably we are just bunch lab-rats of this whole Blunder Experiment called Universe. !!