“If you look around, everything is a thought form.”

Your Willpower is Stronger than Reality

As I sit and write this blog looking out at the trees from my window, I can see that each beautiful tree was planted because of a thought.

The shape of the garden was a thought.

The water conduit was a thought, and the Hindu Temple in the middle of the road was a thought.

Then I started thinking about my own life.

The shape of my body is a result of thoughts.

My haircut was a thought. The Apple laptop I type on was a thought and it was a thought that decided to buy it.

Even typing this blog, each and every word – is a thought.

Today, as I look out into the world, I don’t just see the world, I see collective thought forms and decisions.

The colour of a soda can. The price of gas. My breakfast.

So many thoughts went into the creation of each of these things.

I’ll be honest, I know this all sounds pretty “woo woo” – but for the last day I feel like I’ve been walking around in the Matrix.

The consequences of this to me are staggering.

If the world is just a bunch of collective thought forms of others, that means that your thought forms can affect the world too.

I’ve come to believe that the power of your will is stronger than reality. Reality is malleable substance that can change over time. And as you gain more and more power, the outside world can change faster and faster.

I think one of the true tragedies of the human experience is when someone believes that their circumstance is their identity.

That is to say that the way life is now is how it’s always going to be and that who you are can never change.

But, to be honest – nothing is further from the truth. Your life can change no matter what’s happened up until now.

The past doesn’t have to be your future unless you focus on the past and keep acting the same way.

The journey is to take one small step, change one thought at a time – bring your thoughts and your actions round to the world you WISH to create.

Don’t focus just on how things are – focus on how you want them to be and then get about making life the way you want it to be.

Your life today is the sum of all the choices you’ve made up until now – what your life will be is determined by the choices you make from this moment forward.



Misconceptions – the viral effect of our minds

We often make judgements about people very quickly, sometimes just on the first glance in milliseconds, or the first meet, this is due to our previous encounters with people who looked or behaved the same way, or at times just because we have heard or seen something about a particular person and respond to that.

Sometimes even after staying with a person for 20 years you still have misconception that were developed long ago and you end up living with that, people don’t agree that people evolve mentally over time.

Our brain cheats us in many ways by letting our subconscious take over and making us follow it.

We need to reason, and understand each moment and each person with openness and precisely evaluating them over time , as everybody is imperfect and that’s what leads to perfection eventually.

Misconceptions should be avoided as much as possible, and one needs to be as clear in their thoughts as possible about himself, others and the world, to have a balanced mental life.

– Mustafa Mun