Richard Ashcroft – Are You Ready? (music video)


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This sweet Love – James Yuill

I have just been mesmerized by this song recently …

Be, the greatest man in history
The greatest man that you can be
Just be

Walk, walk out on the beach with me
Walk out in the sea with me
Just be

All of the time you show me your love
Sweet love
And oh, how you know
This sweet love

Nights, cold nights wrapped in ecstasy
Those times still perplexing be
They just be

All of the time you show me your love
Sweet love
And oh how you know
This sweet love

My isolation

I have isolated myself from the past one week to be just concentrating on my work, dissertation, courseworks and exam reading. I have not met any friends , not spent time in socializing neither have I chatted with any one much. All I do is either put my head down in the library, researching or read a book in my room.

There are a few moments I feel that I wish to just run free , leave everything and be what I want to, forget all this, what is this that I am doing ? why this? , This makes me believe that I am here not just for education, but for a purpose, to understand and realize the purpose. That Purpose is different for different people, and we all observe and percieve it in a way that makes us comfortable.

Life has become a systems and a Process Modelling Diagram with a start and end to it, strings attached to it which if we slip, the strings break and we fall down into the valley of critizism, and torture.

Few people try to come out of the system, try to be a musical note without an end to it and be who you really want to be , but alas!, that is not what everyone acheves.

I have tried really hard on understanding the true purpose of my life, and believe me I still ammuse my self of what I have gone through and learnt from it. I beleieve we all are semenly connected through our psycological system, educating each other. All we need to know is how to gather this information, and knowledge and expand it beyond our means.

For all this text knowledge, we learn everyday in the books is all crap, what matters is , the knowledge of oneself, and that can be gained by knowing who you are.

I am still in the phase of my isolation and will soon come out of it when I believe I have achieved something, both material and spiritual, satisying my soul and mind.

For knowledge is not just about knowing, it is about truly understanding that , learning is a forever process which you will continue even after death!.